Controlling PFAS


Polyfluoroalkyl substances represent a serious problem the state has known about since 2012. PFAS have a variety of uses that make life easier and more profitable for a select few, but they come at a huge cost to the rest of us. They’re toxic and contaminate the environment. Studies suggest links to developmental disorders in fetuses; growth, learning and behavioral problems in children; cancer, immune system disorders and fertility problems in adults.  These are present in firefighting foam and pose not just a risk to the environment, but to our first responders as well.  In fact, recent testing in Oakland County revealed PFAS levels OVER 78 TIMES what the state says is safe.

State government needs to work with local government units to make sure there are clear lines of communication on what is safe and what is not.  Public safety departments have a duty to make sure our firemen do not train with foam that can cause irreparable harm. And we need to help our science and technology communities come up with solutions that will not have these horrible byproducts.  

Our children play in this water. We drink, swim, fish, bathe and cook from it. Once again, the state has been neglecting the health and the safety of our state and our families. We need immediate action including public hearings and safer, corporate accountability and enforceable limits on PFAS.