"Green and Blue Jobs" The Everybody Wins Theory 


Clean energy, mobility options, water conservation, sustainable agriculture - these are only a few of the areas in which Michigan is poised to be a leader.  We are talking about high-tech, environmentally friendly emerging economies.  

In a December, 2017 report by John Austin, Director of the Michigan Economic Center and a Brookings Institute Fellow, he outlines a plan in which we can build upon our existing businesses and higher education facilities.  Through public/private partnerships, we can inject funding into colleges and universities and companies can harness new technologies focused on areas like sustainable agriculture, water conservation, and clean energy.  Young talent in our state will have a pipeline to desirable careers right here at home.     

Nobody likes the idea of corporate welfare - instead let’s repurpose direct incentives, such as grants from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and create an innovation fund with private investments.  This can assist startups and give our entrepreneurs the capital they need to forge successful new businesses.