Why I'm Running

May 8

For me, it boils down to three things: (1) Public Service is my calling. (2) I LOVE the law - I understand it, and I know in its purest form it represents all that is fair and just, and I know how to craft it so that it can come as close as possible to that perfect intention. (3) Fate and karma don’t give a damn about my timeline.

A few years ago, as folks started talking to me about running for State House, I was mulling over my general purpose in this world. I had “switched sides” in the legal field. Donated time and effort to a variety of causes including representing abused and neglected children and low income families. Stopped a really dumb development from popping up by my house. During 10 hours at the polls, I watched our voting system get totally mucked up. I saw green spaces disappear, heard the voices of citizens grow hoarse as they fought for what’s right, and felt my own heart break when my friends lost on issues they care about.

And so with the support of so many around me, I ran. I didn’t wait - and I ran for City Council. And I won. And, other than raising my kids, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

The plan was to wait. But like I said above, fate does not give a damn about my timeline. Constituents that supported me during my run for City Council, members of the party, other elected officials and friends and family urged me to take another chance and make a run for the house. Then - things changed with my job. I had to take a cold hard look at what I’ve been doing my whole career. And I had a choice. One of them lead to a combination of complacency and dread coupled with a feeling of security and “meh.” The other filled me with hope, outrage, determination, a sense of purpose, but scared the bejeezus of me.

Of all these, I choose hope.

Love is to embrace all that something is despite its flaws. It’s true of people and passions. And that’s why I’m throwing in for the State House now. I cannot watch our cities and public schools struggle, people like my clients have their health care yanked away, or our children fall ill due to decisions made at the behest of poorly crafted policy. And when this election aligned with this twist in my career, it was clear - this is the time. My love for the law and what it embraces, and my love for my friends, family and community is driving me to Lansing.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride. Because it’s going to be a wild one, and I’m going to make good things happen.