Collecting What We’re Owed


The state of Michigan has been balancing its budget on the backs of communities like ours by failing to pay out the funds like it’s supposed to. And we’re not talking just a few bucks here and there. We’re talking about tens of millions of dollars. Our Money.

In fact, since 1993, the good people of the 38th District have lost out on over $23 million dollars in state Revenue Sharing. That’s money the state owes us for infrastructure development and repair as well as a host of community services that keep us all safe (and our property values high.) This is money businesses and citizens have earned through their hard work. And we should get it back.

It’s necessary for new roads, more firefighters and policemen, playgrounds, water mains and more. I believe in giving communities the funding they need to deliver the services residents deserve. And I’ll fight for every dollar that's owed to us from Lansing.


*Michigan Municipal League -