Our government has the potential to change all of our lives for the better, but it has to function well to do so. An accessible and effective government is key to seeing the changes we want in Michigan. Let’s make it happen.



Making decisions behind closed doors is no way to lead. As a public official, I feel strongly about the need to keep residents informed about what their government is up to, especially when it comes to spending your money. You need to trust that your representatives are putting your best interests first, not their own. You need to know that decisions aren’t swayed by donations or conflicts of interest, but instead by what will have the greatest benefit to the community. And you need to be able to communicate with your representatives openly and on your terms. After all, your officials work for you.



Tax revenues bring so many benefits to our communities, but we need to share the burden so we all feel like we have skin in the game. We need to be strategic about tax incentives for businesses and hold them accountable to their commitments. And, our citizens need to see their hard-earned dollars going to meaningful improvements in their communities. From economic development to public services, our tax revenues are a key part of what makes our cities, towns, and neighborhoods amazing places to call home.



We need to keep Lansing’s hands out of our local governments’ coffers. Since 2002, Michigan has redirected more than $7.5B in revenue sharing dollars--money that should be invested in local services, recreation, and infrastructure-- to cover state budget shortfalls. Even worse, restrictions on (local government revenue sources) mean that this money is gone and most likely won’t be replaced. We ask for so much from our communities, from public safety to stable property values, but we can’t expect the world on a shoestring budget. Let’s take back the money we’re owed and keep decision-making power where it belongs—within our communities.