Hi I’m Kelly Breen. I’ve been many things in my life so far, including an attorney, a mom, an activist, an educator’s wife, and a Novi City Council member. Now, I want to be your representative because I believe in Michigan. As a Northville native and lifelong Michigander, my love for our state was a sure thing. My journey into politics, however, began when my neighbors and I organized to fight a local development project. We made an important change in our neighborhood, and from that point on, I was sold on the idea of spending my days advocating for my community and the people around me.

I’m running because I’m tired of partisan politics taking away from the true intent of public service—working to make each other’s lives better. I believe in Michigan’s potential to go beyond its automotive industry legacy and become a leader in business, education, sustainability, and healthcare. I believe in collaboration, not division, because if we stand together, there’s nothing stronger. And I want to represent the people of the 38th District and advocate for our state’s future and our residents, because we believe in Michigan. Let’s do this—together.

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